Frequently Asked Questions


Do you accept cryptocurrencies?

Yes I do! The beat store isn’t currently set up to receive crypto payments, however if you would prefer to pay with BTC, ETH, or XRP please shoot me an email.

I ordered a beat, but it was not delivered?

Sometimes the beat store may experience a hiccup every once in a while. If you don’t see the beat in your inbox, please check your spam folder. If you don’t see the beat in any one of those folders, please contact me so I can redeliver the files.

How do I add a coupon code?

Apply the code before checkout by selecting Add Coupon next to the search bar in the beat store. You may also apply a code during Checkout.

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, refunds on beats are not offered. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact me so I can help resolve any issues you may have.


Am I required to pay royalties?

If you purchased a Standard or Premium License and register the ‘New Work” with a PRO (ASCAP or BMI) then 50% of the publishing shares shall be allotted to the Licensor, i.e. Isaac Taylor. If you purchased a “Buy Out” then you keep 100% of the publishing shares.

Do the licenses expire?

If a Standard License is bought, it will expire exactly one year after date of purchase. If a Premium License is bought, it will expire exactly 2 years after date of purchase. If an Unlimited License is bought, it will expire exactly 4 years after date of purchase.

Can multiple people license the same beat?

If two different people buy the same beat, they can still each copyright their own song they make with that beat, and sell, distribute, perform and broadcast that song. However, unless you “Buy Out” the beat, Isaac Taylor retains full ownership to the original beat purchased.


What are track stems?

Track stems are the individual audio files that make up a song/beat (i.e., bass, snare, kick, etc.) which allows full mix control.

What file formats do you offer?

All beats are delivered in WAV format for best quality. If you are in need of an MP3 file, please contact me.

Are samples used in the beats?

Very rarely are “unauthorized” samples used. However, in the case that a sample is used, it has been manipulated to where the sample is almost entirely different and unrecognizable from the original.

Can the chopped vocal samples be removed from the beat?

With the purchase of a Premium beat or Buy-Out, you are sent the track stems which gives you the option to leave the vocal samples out of the beat. If you purchased a Standard beat and want the samples removed, please contact me.

Do you offer free beats?

Yes, free demos to certain beats are offered. Each beat that has a ⬇ located in the column, is eligible for a free download. Click the icon, enter your name/email address and the beat will be instantly sent to you.